Allows to get list of all performed withdrawals. You could also filter records using specified parameters.

Response details:

pagearrayResponse body.
idUUIDWithdrawal identifier.
storeIdUUIDStore identifier.
posIdUUIDPOS terminal identifier.
orderIdstringYour own order identifier.
destinationAddressstringAddress of withdrawal.
sourceCurrencystringSource currency which was
used to specify withdrawal value.
destinationCurrencystringDestination currency which
was sent to recipient.
sourcePricedecimalValue of withdrawal in
source currency.
creationTimestampUnix TimestampCreation time of the
destinationTransferAmountdecimalValue of withdrawal in destination currency
keepDestinationCurrencybooleanIf parameter
keepDestinationCurrency was used
sandboxbooleanIf withdrawal was created with sandbox parameter
transactionLinkStringURL to crypto network specific explorer with information about this transaction
statusStringdescribed below
pageNumberintegerCurrent page number.
hasNextPagebooleanIf next page exists.

List of possible withdrawal statuses

STARTEDInitial withdrawal status, waiting for withdrawal address
ADDRESS_PROVIDEDWithdrawal address provided. Currently waiting for being sent to crypto network
FAILEDFailed due to internal processing. Ex. errors while calculating/obtaining transfer exchange rate
COMPLETEDFunds succesfully left zonda wallets and reached customer
EXPIREDWithdrawal did not get withdrawal address in time. After 24h from withdrawal creation, all withdrawals without provided address are marked as expired.