Returns all available information about the initiated payment.

Response details:

paymentIdUUIDUnique payment identifier.
orderIdstringID provided during payment creation; usually ID of the transaction in merchant’s system.
serverTimetimestamp (ms)Server time at the request
execution moment.
creationTimestamptimestamp (ms)Time when payment has been created.
completedTimestamptimestamp (ms)Time when payment has been completed.
expirationTimestamptimestamp (ms)Time when payment is expired.
expiredbooleanIs payment gate already expired. If true payment can be reopened and the amount to be paid will be recalculated.
cryptoAddressstringCryptocurrency address where funds should be sent.
sandboxbooleanBoolean flag informing whether payment was created in
sandbox/test mode; sandbox payments should not be accepted in production
statusstringCurrent payment status. List of all possible statuses is listed below.
amountInSourceCurrencydecimalPayment value expressed in source currency.
sourceCurrencystringCurrency selected to pay with.
amountInDestinationCurrencydecimalFull payment value expressed in destinationCurrency.
destinationCurrencystringCurrency in which payment value is specified.
alreadyPaidAmountdecimalAmount of cryptocurrency funds that were already sent to the payment address. Shows full value regardless of transaction confirmations in network.
remainingAmountToPaydecimalThe amount left for the
payment to be fully paid, expressed in sourceCurrency.
transactionsarrayList of cryptocurrency transactions seen in network.
* confirmationsintegerThe number of
confirmations in network.
* createdtimestamp (ms)Transaction payment time.
* idstringIdentifier of the transaction.
* updatedtimestamp (ms)Last update time for the
* valuedecimalValue of the transaction.
* statusstringStatus of the transaction in zonda
* txIdstringTransaction hash from crypto network
* transactionLinkstringURL to crypto network specific explorer with information about this transaction
requestValuesobjectObject with parameters used to initiate payment.
resetablebooleanIs payment eligible for reset

List of possible payment statuses:

PENDINGInitial payment status, waiting for funds transfer.
IN_PROGRESSCryptocurrency transactions for required amount were seen in network, but do
not have enough confirmations. Payment in this status can not be accepted
PAIDCryptocurrency transactions for required amount reached confirmations number configured in store settings. There is still a tiny chance that funds may not be added to
merchant’s account. Payment can be accepted on your own risk.
COMPLETEDCryptocurrency transactions for required amount reached maximum number of confirmations, required by zondacrypto pay. Funds were added to merchants account and payment
with this status can be accepted with no risk.
REFUNDEDFunds from the payment were returned to the customer. This happens when payment is underpaid.
RESETCustomer reset payment currency on payment gate and did not select a new one yet.
EXPIREDPayment that has not been paid and it's lifetime expired (default: 7 days since the creation). Payment can no longer be re-opened nor completed.