This endpoint initiates the payment according to the provided parameters and returns the link to pay for it.


  • coveredBy
  • keepSourceCurrency
  • successCallbackUrl
  • failureCallbackUrl
  • notificationsUrl
    can be also set permanently in the store settings. In case of a different value in API request - it will be used one time only and will not save the permanent value in the panel.
  "destinationCurrency": "EUR",
  "orderId": "e5rh45uq34udomAEADFGqa3ySDF3sd",
  "price": 100,
  "sourceCurrency": "BTC",
  "keepSourceCurrency": true
  "destinationCurrency": "EUR",
  "orderId": "e5rh45uq34udomAEADFGqa3ySDF3sd",
  "price": 100
  "coveredBy": "BUYER",
  "destinationCurrency": "EUR",
  "orderId": "e5rh45uq34udomAEADFGqa3ySDF3sd",
  "price": 100,
  "sourceCurrency": "BTC"

Response details:

dataarrayResponse body.
paymentIdUUIDInternal unique identifier for
payment. In the next stage it
can be used to obatin
information about the
initiated payment.
urlstringThe URL address to
process the payment.

Payment status notification change

notificationsUrl - a message consisting of the below parameters will be sent to the given
address. The address can be also set permanently in the store settings, and when it is
re-sent in the request - the settings will automatically overwrite. After receiving the response, you
have to additionally query the payment details endpoint to confirm the message to be
absolutely sure about the data compliance. This will help to avoid the situation when
someone finds out your notificationsUrl and will try to spoof the notification. In case of
sandbox mode - the endpoint will return a real status of the transaction.

  • paymentId - unique payment identifier
  • orderId - previously assigned, order ID from your system
  • amountToPayInSourceCurrency - amount of funds to be paid in source
  • amountToPayInDestinationCurrency - amount of funds to be obtained in the
    destination currency
  • status - payment status - this parameter is being sent once when the transaction reaches the required number of confirmations from the network. You can select the number of confirmations in the settings section of the given store. It is PAID status.
  • paidAmount - - the amount of funds currently paid in source currency
  "paymentId": "ed67efbb-d2fa-4b6a-945a-470a1db324b5",
  "orderId": "8e2d9b79-be84-4ea9-a857-fc8d2d1d6420",
  "amountToPayInSourceCurrency": 0.22666667,
  "amountToPayInDestinationCurrency": 1,
  "status": "PAID",
  "paidAmount": 0.22666667