It allows you to order a two-step withdrawal to the address we choose. The first step allows you to create a payout to get information about commissions and the final amount that will be paid out. The second step allows you to enter the destination payout address, after which the payout is processed. In order to be able to make withdrawals, this option must be unlocked in the Security tab at a specific store. Otherwise, we will receive the message: FORBIDDEN. You should also pay attention to the appropriate precision for a given currency. If the number of decimal places is exceeded, an error response will be returned.

Response details:

statusStringStatus for the made payment: ok / fail.
dataarrayDefault: null.
outgoingPaymentIdUUIDThe ID of the payout you created.
expirationTimestampUnix TimestampPayout expiration time (the time until when you can provide an address - perform the second step).
sourceCurrencyStringSource currency.
destinationCurrencyStringDestination currency.
sourcePricedecimalThe initial value of the funds in the source currency.
transferPricedecimalSource currency value of funds to be debited from the wallet.
chargePricedecimalThe value of the commission for making a withdrawal.
destinationTransferAmountdecimalThe amount of funds needed to complete the withdrawal.
amountToWithdrawdecimalThe amount of funds that will be received.